Blocks, Rectangles & Flats

Stainless steel blocks
Steel being forged into blocks
Steel rectangles prepped for forging

Special Steel Forge produces blocks, rectangles, and flats in stainless, carbon and alloy steels. These shapes make up a large portion of our business. Customers have come to count on us for quick on-time deliveries in both forged and milled products, including stainless steel blocks and forged flats. We have worked closely with our customers who have repeating sizes and established blanket orders. This has helped protect them from fluctuating steel costs while maintaining delivery releases. They have found that working with a smaller company, our flexibility is greater than some larger forging facilities.

Some advantages of blocks, rectangles, and flats from Special Steel Forge include:

  • Quickest lead times in the industry
  • Wide range of stainless, carbon, and alloy steels
  • Milling capabilities that bring product closer to size at reasonable costs
  • Quality controlled heat treating that produce consistent product
  • Testing capabilities to ensure quality and adhere to your requirements
  • Ideal for prototypes and short run situations
  • Produce sizes that aren’t available in plate or bar stock

Find out what our customers already know; that Special Steel Forge is an excellent source for blocks, rectangles, and flats.

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