Custom Forged Crankshafts Manufacturer

Metal prepped for crankshaft forging
Finalized custom forged crankshafts

Special Steel Forge is a manufacturer of custom single, double, and multi throw forged crankshafts as well as eccentric shafts with the best lead times in the industry. We have been a manufacturer of custom forged crankshafts for over 40 years and have the experience with major suppliers in the mechanical press building, press repairing, oil & natural gas, pumps, and compressor industries.

Our years of custom forging expertise enables us to produce custom forged crankshafts to meet the most exacting specifications, while our extensive steel inventory lets us manufacture your custom forged crankshafts with the shortest lead times in the industry.

We are often called upon by engineers across the country with tight deadlines for custom forged crankshafts that their regular manufacturers cannot meet, but we can. If you need a custom forged crankshaft and you can't wait for your normal forging manufacturer's backlog, Contact us now to request a quote and turnaround.

Forged Crankshaft Advantages

Forged crankshafts provide strength and reliability that far surpass any cast or turned bar stock, making forged crankshafts the standard for any use that demands strength, consistency or quality. Our custom forged crankshafts have advantages over rough turned bar stock:

  • Continuous grain flow
  • Improved microstructure
  • Finer grain size
  • Reduced chance of voids
  • Greater strength
  • Better fatigue resistance

Custom Forged Crankshafts

We're a manufacturer of crankshafts using open die forging techniques that allow us to produce forgings up to 8,000 pounds and 156" long.

Custom forged crankshafts are commonly used as specialized parts in heavy industrial applications where the crankshafts are subject to extreme forces or pressures, or applications in while overall longevity and quality of the crankshaft is important. Manufacturers in a number of industries increasingly prefer forged crankshafts over cast crankshafts due to their numerous performance and strength advantages.

Special Steel Forge produces custom forged crankshafts in the rough turned condition to save you time and money. If required, we also can supply  crankshafts finished to your drawings. In our heat treat facility, we can stress relieve, normalize, harden, or temper your custom forged crankshaft to your specific requirements. Find out what our customers already know; that Special Steel Forge is a fast, experienced, and reliable manufacturer of custom forged crankshafts.

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