Hubs, Spindles & Stepshafts

Steel spindles in a forging machine
Stepshafts preparing for custom forging

Special Steel Forge produces hubs, spindles, and stepshafts in stainless, carbon, and alloy steels. These shapes can help your company save money over product machined out of bar stock and also give you a better part. Take advantage of our competitive in-house machine shop and heat treat facility to save on secondary operations. When viewed side by side it is hard to distinguish between a forging and one turned out of bar stock, but the intrinsic advantages of a forging are evident.

Some advantages of our forged hubs, spindles, and forged steel shafts over bar stock are:

  • Greater strength & fatigue resistance
  • Improved microstructure
  • Reduced downtime because of premature failures
  • Less chance of voids with a 3 to 1 minimum reduction
  • Continuous grain flow
  • Longer life
  • Able to run higher pressures and loads
  • Reduced weight, thus saving on shipping costs

Find out what our customers already know; that Special Steel Forge is an excellent source for hubs, spindles, and stepshafts.

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