Rounds, Discs & Sleeves

Custom forged steel rounds
Forged steel rounds hollowed out

Special Steel Forge produces rounds, discs, and sleeves in stainless, carbon, and alloy steels. Individually forged rounds and discs with a 3 to 1 minimum reduction can greatly improve the properties of your part thereby reducing the risk of any voids or imperfections.

Some advantages of rounds, discs, and sleeves from Special Steel Forge are:

  • Quickest lead times in the industry
  • High on-time delivery performance
  • In-house machine shop
  • In-house quantity controlled heat treating to produce consistent product
  • Testing capabilities to ensure quality and adhere to your specific requirements
  • Ideal for prototypes and short run situations
  • Produce sizes and grades that aren’t available in bar stock
  • Billets are cut to precise weight thus saving on material costs

Find out what our customers already know; that Special Steel Forge is an excellent source for rounds, discs, and sleeves.

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