Forging Services

Special Steel Forge has made years of investment in staying competitive with our services offered, which include:

We have invested in these services and our people to expedite the delivery of your forgings. Find out what our customers already know; that Special Steel Forge has the services to be an excellent source for custom open-die forgings.

Special Steel Forge Machining Services

Special Steel Forge offers value added services through our fully equipped machine shop as well as in-house heat treating. Here is a list of our machining equipment to give you machining options for your forgings, including milling a forged rectangle, saw cutting bloom, and rough turning of a forged steel shaft.

  • Horizontal Boring Mills
    • 4" TOS H100 Table Boring Mill
    • 4" Portage Table Boring Mill
    • 5" Union Table Boring Mill
    • 5" Scharmann Table Boring Mill
    • 5" Union Floor Boring Mill
    • 6.3" Droop & Rein Boring Mill
  • Vertical Boring Mills
    • 48" Webster & Bennett Vertical Boring Mill
    • 72" Webster & Bennett Vertical Boring Mill
    • 90" Stanko Vertical Boring Mill
    • 135" Kolomna Vertical Boring Mill
  • Gear Hobbing Machines
    • 63" TOS Gear Hobber
    • 98" TOS Gear Hobber
  • Planer Mills
    • 6' x 16' GRAY Planer Mill
    • 5' x 16' GRAY Planer Mill
  • Milling Machines (#2, #3, #4)
  • Lathes (24" dia x 156" Long)



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